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Mrs C Wand                                     Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs V Brinicombe                           Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead                        


Teaching Staff 2022 - 2023 – by Year Group

Miss Chadburn Year 6 (Cherry), English Subject Lead, Acting Head of Year
Mrs H Parker Year 6 (Spruce), Monday - Wednesday and Friday (Early Reading and Spelling Subject Lead).  
Mrs J Page

Year 6 (Willow - Mon - Thursday), Opal Play Subject Lead

Mrs Brinicombe and Miss Chamberlin teach Willow on Fridays.

Mrs R Cumberbeach Year 5 (Rowan), Head of Year 5, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, History Subject Lead and Mental Health First Aider(staff)
Mrs S Miller Year 5 (Cedar, maternity leave)
Mr P Ross Year 5 (Cedar, maternity cover)
Mrs A Ghalami Year 5 Beech, PE Subject Lead
Miss J Lines Year 4 (Pine)
Miss N Freed Year 4 (Palm), Head of Year 4, Maths Subject Lead
Mrs G Gunning Year 4 (Acer), Monday - Wednesday
Mrs H Jones Year 4 (Acer), Thursday - Friday Geography Subject Lead
Mrs E Abbott Year 3 (Ash), RE Subject Lead
Mrs C Nash Year 3 (Elm), Science Subject Lead
Mr J Dunsford Year 3 (Oak), Head of Year 3, Music Subject Lead

Support Staff

Mrs S Altaf Teaching Assistant
Mr J Burns Site manager
Mrs K Butler Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Chamberlin Special Needs Teaching Assistant
Mr W Coles Sports Coach, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Dayekh Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Greenwood Lunch Supervisor
Mrs R Haynes Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hoyle Lunch Supervisor
Mrs M Lamb Forest School Leader
Mrs N Rasheed Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Shashivari Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wardill Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs Z Steele School Business Manager and Admissions Officer
Miss M Mutton Administrative Assistant/PA to the Headteacher (Mon - Weds)
Mrs S Khan Administrative Assistant (9am -3pm)
Mrs H Opsahl Gordon Administrative Assistant (Weds - Fri)