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Wider curriculum

Wider curriculum

Every week our children engage with our 'wider' curriculum which provides them with enrichment opportunities.  We teach swimming in every year group, DT/Art and PE during these afternoons.  To contribute to the cost of this provision we ask parents to pay a voluntary contribution of£45 across the year, which can be paid in instalments via our online payment system.

To support these afternoons, we may sometimes require additional adult support.  These afternoons are great fun and are a wonderful opportunity to see our children engaging in different types of learning.  Please get in touch with the office if you would like to volunteer. Examples of the activities include sewing and cooking.

Sport and Physical Fitness

The school has a good reputation for the range of physical activities offered and for its success in local sports.  We are proud of our covered swimming pool which enables us to include swimming lessons throughout the year as part of our Physical Education Curriculum.  Children receive lessons from a qualified instructor.  The school is a member of the Woking Area Sports Association and has coaching links with Woking Football Club, Chobham Rugby Club and Pleiades. The school takes part in many inter-school activities and has achieved success at both school and district level. We employ a Sports Coach to encourage the children to increase their participation in sport.

Extracurricular activities

The School offers a range of extracurricular activities to extend learning, many of which are
offered free of charge.  Parents are notified of our clubs at the start of term and book them online.  Parents should note that extra-curricular clubs should not be used as childcare but are provided for the enrichment and enjoyment of your child.  Children using our after-school care can still access our extracurricular clubs - they simply return to the after-school care classroom when the school club has finished.

For more information regarding our clubs, please click here.