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The Horsell Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision ('intent')

At Horsell C of E Junior School we provide a ‘rich and inclusive education’. We believe that we all have unique, ‘God-given’ gifts that must be nurtured to their full potential in a broad and exciting curriculum.

Our learning is built around great literature, carefully chosen to reflect the rich diversity of faiths, beliefs and backgrounds of all members of our school family.  Through our knowledge-rich curriculum, we aim to bring learning to life and inspire our children to become enquirers, risk-takers, collaborators, problem solvers and compassionate guardians of God’s precious world. 

What does this look like in the classroom?

1. School values (dignity, hope, justice, service, love and forgiveness) threaded through curriculum and planning choices
2. Inspiring, diverse, challenging and enriching literature used as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum
3. The use of quality resources, to invoke awe, wonder, fun and enjoyment

4. Well-prepared, carefully considered lessons with strong subject knowledge at the forefront

5. Frequent revisiting of previous learning to ensure all children know and remember more

The Horsell Learner is:





How do I find out about what my child will be learning?

The Horsell Curriculum area of the website shows you the knowledge and skills that your child will be learning during their time with us for all subjects in the National Curriculum.  Our whole school overview can be found below.  This gives an overview of what is taught and when it is delivered.

Click on the links for each subject area to find out about the key knowledge and skills your child will learn from years 3 - 6.  

Knowledge organisers can also be found in each year group area and these break down each subject into the key knowledge that children need to know, remember and understand.  Knowledge organisers are used in lessons and are an effective tool for you to use to support your child's learning.  During 2022 - 2023 we are reviewing all of our Knowledge Organisers following staff training, and they are being posted onto the website as they are finalised.

If you have any questions about our curriculum you should contact your child's class teacher in the first instance.