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Horsell C of E Junior School

Horsell C of E Junior School

HorsellC of E Junior School

Everyone MattersEveryone Learns



Head Teacher

Mrs C Wand                     Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Assistant Heads

Mrs S Bayliss                    Head of Year 6 (Spruce) Designated Safeguarding Lead,   Behaviour and Pupil Voice

Mrs F Collett                    Head of Year 5 (Cedar) SENco

Mr N Penstone                Head of Year 4 (Palm) Assessment Leader

Mrs J Bett                         Head of Year 3 (Ash) Teaching and Learning Leader


Teaching Staff – by Year Group

Miss S Jones                     Year 6 (Cherry)

Mrs S Bayliss                    Year 6 (Spruce)

Mrs F Collier                     Year 6 (Willow)

Mrs H Jones                     Year 6 (Willow) Thursday and Friday

Mrs J Page                        Year 5 and 6, Specialist Maths Teacher, Deputy SENco

Mrs G Westagte              Year 5 (Beech) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Mrs C Torbett                  Year 5 (Beech)

Miss T Shoberu               Year 5 (Cedar)

Mrs F Collett                    Year 5 (Rowan) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs S Brogden                 Year 5 (Rowan) Thursday and Friday

Mrs C Christie                  Year 4 (Acer) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Mr N Penstone                Year 4 (Palm)

Miss E Faulkner               Year 4 (Pine)

Mrs R Cumberbeach      Year 4 Tuesday and Wednesday

                                             Mrs J Bett                         Year 3 (Ash)

Miss N Freed                    Year 3 and Year 4, Specialist Maths Teacher

Miss K Chadburn             Year 3 (Elm)

Mr J Dunsford                 Year 3 (Oak)


Support Staff

Miss S Altaf                      Teaching Assistant (EAL)

Mrs J Batey                       Senior Teaching Assistant and Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs S Bruckshaw            Senior Teaching Assistant and Librarian

Mr J Burns                        Site Manager

Mrs J Burrows                 Teaching Assistant (EAL)

Mrs T Chamberlin           Teaching Assistant (SEN)

Mr W Coles                      Sports Coach

Mrs T Dunham               Teaching Assistant

Miss T Goddard               Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs L Goodey                  Senior Teaching Assistant (Reading)

Mrs R Haynes                  Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Greenwood         Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs A Hoyle                     Mid-day Supervisor

Miss L Lopez                     IT Support

Mrs E Neeson                  Teaching Assistant (SEN)

Mrs C Phillips                   Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs S Raheem                 Mid-day Supervisor (ELSA)

Mrs S Spiller                     Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Home School Link               Worker

Mrs S Silverton                Teaching Assistant (ELSA)

Miss L Urwin                    Teaching Assistant


Office Staff

Mrs J Benton                    Bursar and Admissions

Miss M Mutton               Administrative Assistant

Mrs B Parsons                 Administrative Assistant (afternoons)

Mrs H Opsahl Gordon    Administrative Assistant (mornings)