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This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  We expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

The Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership aims to support professionals, parents and careers in keeping children safe.  Please visit for more information.

Please follow this link to view our Safeguarding Policy.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Celia Wand our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mr Coles, Mrs Brinicombe, Mrs Wiseman and Mrs Cumberbeach.  Our Safeguarding Governor is Anne Smith.   Mr Penstone, our Assistant Headteacher is also a member of the team and has overall responsibility for e-safety.

Our Safeguarding Team

Mrs Wand
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Brinicombe

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead





Unfortunately some people do hurt children by hitting them,
abusing them, shouting at them or not caring for them. 
If someone is hurting you, it is Mrs Wand’s job to listen to you and decide what to do next.









Mrs Brincombe is also available to listen to you if you are being hurt or abused.  She also monitors the behaviour of all children in school and is responsible for our anti-bullying policy.  





Mrs Cumberbeach
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
and PSHE Lead

Mr Coles
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Penstone

E-Safety Co-ordinator


We want everyone at our school to feel happy, safe and secure.  Mrs Cumberbeach’s job is to make sure we learn about how to stay safe and make healthy choices.  

Like Mrs Wand, Mr Coles is 

also available to listen to if you are being hurt, abused, shouted at or not cared for.  He is always in school until 4.30pm when clubs are on.
Mr Coles also checks what everyone is looking at on-line when they are at school and will speak to you, the Headteacher and your parents if you are looking at things that you shouldn’t be.

Mr Penstone makes sure that you know how to stay safe whilst using the internet.






E-Safety - Keeping Children Safe

At Horsell Junior School, we take the issue of Internet Safety very seriously.  The internet is a fantastic resource, but it can also bring risks, as some material may contain items which are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or offensive.   We work with our pupils in school to help them understand the dangers and learn how to keep themselves safe.  For additional security, we gain access to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider who has been recommended by Surrey County Council.  They offer a filtering service for unsuitable materials for school children.

Do you know how to set parental controls to help keep your child safe online?

The following website helps you to set parental controls by giving you instructions for each device you have in your home. Have a look in the controls section on this website for more information.

Please follow this link for information on parental controls.

Please follow this link for information on digital family life.

Please follow the link below for information giving parents and carers details on how to safely use 'SnapChat' 

We run regularly E-Safety events and will advise of the next date.  We encourage all parents to attend.

For expert information to help children and young people stay safe online, please visit