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Physical Education


Our PE curriculum ensures that our children have the opportunity to thrive physically and socially.  Our PE curriculum is a key part of our vision of developing all of our pupils' God-given gifts, and we strive to be 'elite' without being 'elitist'.  PE enables our children to be brave and work collaboratively in a variety of sports.

Our pupils:

  • Are provided with high quality PE teaching, sporting learning opportunities and sports provision which is inclusive for all and engages all pupils in a supportive and challenging environment
  • Are immersed in a culture which aims to inspire an active generation who enjoy PE, encourage each other and achieve at their own level
  • Are educated in the benefits of sport and exercise, leading to long term healthy and active lifestyles
  • Are supported in becoming resilient and reflective, whilst striving for personal excellence and portraying good sportsmanship
  • Are taught the value and benefits of collaboration, cooperation and teamwork, with an understanding of fairness and equality of play to embed lifelong values.
  • Compete appropriately against others; celebrating their own and others' sporting achievements and successes with maturity.


Our PE curriculum is taught:

  • By providing challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including; invasion games, net & wall activities, striking and fielding events, gymnastics, dance, OAA and swimming
  • Ensuring the requirements of the National Curriculum are met following our long-term PE curriculum overview which sets out the units to be taught throughout the year, ensuring lessons are progressive
  • By delivering at least two hours of PE teaching each week.  In addition, children are encouraged to participate in the varied range of extra-curricular activities available before and after school.

Horsell Junior School has a dedicated Sports Coach, Mr Coles, who is a full-time member of staff, and runs many after school clubs.  'Complete Coaching' also teach indoor sports and support the children at lunchtimes when they are playing football.  Class teachers also teach PE on a rotation of lessons.


The impact of PE at Horsell C of E Junior School can be seen through:

  • Our children learning to take responsibility for their own health and fitness and many also enjoying the success of competitive sports.
  • Our children being inspired to have a love of sport and to grow up to have happy and healthy lives, utilising the skills and knowledge they have acquired through PE.
  • Our children becoming stewards of their own learning (both in and out of the classroom) and working collaboratively to develop and excel in sport and across the curriculum.
  • Our children showing a willingness and ability to try new sports and activities, push themselves and be brave in light of new challenges.

Pupils' attainment in PE is reported to parents in children's end of year reports.

Other exciting opportunities that we offer in school include: 

  • Applying to become a sports or house captain, to inspire other children to try new sports and activities.
  • Interhouse tournaments run each term by our sports and house captains (e.g. Tag Rugby, Dodgeball, Benchball). 
  • 2 sports days in the Summer (one for the whole school and a competitive sports day) 
  • Representing the school at different sports throughout the year by travelling and competing against other schools in the local area.