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Mathematics - Further Information


Mathematics is a vital component in everyday life; which at Horsell C of E Junior School we take pride in, encouraging the children’s love of learning and enthusiasm for the subject.

We aim to give children access to a range of approaches and styles through the mastery approach of learning. The children use their fluency and basic skills first, and once they have been revised we then broaden and deepen this by challenging their knowledge and understanding in problem solving and investigative tasks. This encourages all children to feel a sense of achievement within the subject, and they are encouraged to be more resourceful learners, helping tasks become concrete in their minds instead of it being abstract; this also supports their sense of achievement and success.

We like to encourage the children to be independent learners, however alongside this we like to draw on subject dialogue within their own reflections, analysing independently how they have been successful, then countering this, encouraging the children to identify what they need to achieve next to be even more successful. This allows children to feel a sense of achievement and personal success though Mathematics.

We strive to give our children extra opportunities to challenge and investigate their Mathematics knowledge and understanding through a range of activities led by outside agencies, as well as cross curricular tasks built into our day to day teaching and learning, encouraging children to be more active and independent to problem solve and challenge their thinking, creating an enthusiasm and curiosity for Mathematics.