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MFL - Modern Foreign Language

At Horsell C of E Junior School we strive to foster and encourage pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world around them.  We aim to enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, to respond with confidence in both speech and writing, while developing an appreciation and respect for the rich diversity of another nation.

We shall achieve these aims by:

  • Encouraging children to feel familiar and confident with a variety of class commands given in French eg.  Asseyez- vous ( sit down ).
  • Giving opportunities to listen to spoken language and show understanding, by responding and engaging in conversation.
  • By promoting greater confidence with written tasks involving a grammatical challenge eg.  noun gender identities.
  • By giving frequent visual images of language to promote an awareness of language variation eg.  accented letters / silent letters.
  • By allowing frequent opportunities for children to record French words, phrases and sentences in written form to in order to assist memory and assimilation.
  • By helping children to operate confidently in an environment which includes French language displays eg. date, month etc.

Horsell Junior school uses a scheme called 'Language Angels' and French is taught by Mrs Christie.

Please click on the links below to find out what is taught in each year group.