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At Horsell C of E Junior School we see reading as an integral part of the school curriculum that impacts on all learning. We value the importance of being a confident reader and work hard to develop children’s reading and comprehension skills. We want children to read for pleasure and to read a wide range of different books and we would like them to be able to talk about books and authors with confidence. We encourage them to do this through the ‘reading passport’ scheme. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of reading which enables children to develop an empathy and respect for other cultures and ways of life in the wider world.


At Horsell C of E Junior School we aim to inspire children to write engaging texts across a range of genres by providing high quality stimulus in the form of examples from classic and contemporary authors.  We teach children how to write well by skilfully using the technical objectives which form the building blocks of good writing. We aim to give every child the ability to express themselves eloquently.

Speaking and listening

At Horsell C of E Junior School we aim to create an atmosphere in which children are able to express their opinions and ideas with confidence and knowledge by giving them a wide variety of ‘speaking and listening’ opportunities across the curriculum. To enable children to listen and synthesise information and then to be able to debate and challenge others view points in a constructive and respectful manner. Using this experience, they will be able to make positive contributions to the communities they will be part of when they are teenagers and adults.

For more information on English within the school, please refer to the link opposite.