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EAL provision

EAL (English as an additional language) provision

Surrey uses the number of pupils shown as EAL on the October 2017 census who were not on the Oct 2014 census in year R or above (i.e. they are EAL and had been in the English school system (in year R or above) for fewer than three years on the date of the October 2017 census). The council is allowed to use the number of “EAL1”, “EAL2” or “EAL3” pupils (i.e. the number of pupils with EAL who have been in the English school system for up to one, two or three years respectively), but not a mixture of these three indicators. EAL3 was chosen because it is generally accepted that pupils need at least three years to gain fluency in English The NFF will use EAL3.

This means that any EAL pupil in a Surrey school will attract funding for three years from when they enter the school system. Each child will attract £469.883. For the school year 2018/19 Horsell Junior School will receive X x 469.883 to support the learning of EAL pupils.

When a bilingual child first arrives, their level of English ability is assessed and a strategy established to develop their language skills.

We use the funding available to provide specialist learning support ( TA support x per week), the ongoing training of learning support and classroom learning resources for the support of EAL pupils. We maintain links with Surrey REMA(Race Equality and Minority Attainment), a specialist external agency providing support to schools. Race equality and minority achievement (REMA)

Ongoing assessment is measured against the National Curriculum objectives and progress monitored per half term by classroom teachers, heads of year and assessment leader.