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Design and Technology


Design and Technology at Horsell Junior School gives our pupils the opportunity to use creative thinking and design for a purpose and tangible outcome.

At Horsell Junior School, all children use a range of materials such as textiles, construction materials and food.  They learn how to cook and apply other principles of nutrition and healthy eating.  We aim to offer a challenging and engaging Design and Technology curriculum which is often integrated across other subject areas.


At Horsell Junior school, children develop their skills and knowledge in DT.  In each unit, they learn to design, make and evaluate, alongside the technical knowledge that they need to make their product. The key areas of knowledge are cooking and nutrition, mechanisms, electrical systems, the digital world, structures and textiles.   Usually, children study DT in smaller class sizes to enable more practical support from the teacher.  DT is taught in blocks across the year.

Y3 Sewing
Y3 Pneumatic Toys
Y5 Developing a recipe
Y5 Developing a recipe


At the end of each unit, pupils evaluate their product.  Knowledge and skills are assessed through the finished design, and end of unit quizzes.  Attainment in DT is reported in pupils' end of year reports.