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Contact the office

If your child is unable to attend school please notify the school office, either by telephone or via Studybugs by 8;40am on the first morning of absence, and each day of their absence unless a return date has been agreed. A written note is also required if your child is unable to take part in PE.

You can report an absence through Study Bugs or leave an absence message on (01483) 761531.  

Early Collection

If your child has to leave school during the day we must, for safety reasons, have a request from you and he or she must be collected. Children will never be allowed to leave the premises by themselves during school hours. If they are collected during the day you will be asked to sign them out at the office. 



The school has a good level of attendance. We do not advocate term time holidays and we expect all holidays, visits to see family etc. to take place during the school closure periods. All school holiday dates are published to parents one year in advance. If you do need to go away in an emergency, there are forms to complete which are available from the school office and must be completed in advance.

Request for absence

A request for leave of absence must be applied for in writing, using the appropriate application form, to the Headteacher. Holiday requests during term time are not usually granted apart from very exceptional circumstances.  Exceptional circumstances might be to attend a family funeral, for instance.   If holidays are taken during term time without permission, this may result in a penalty notice and parents may be fined.  Further information and a copy of the leave of absence request form can be found here.