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Additional Support

We have a diverse student body with many different nationalities and over 25 different languages represented.

The school has high expectations. This is demonstrated through scaffolding available in lessons. Lessons use retrieval strategies to assess what the children have retained from previous units and lessons and develop their ability to retain 'sticky knowledge'. Knowledge Organisers are shared and used to support children remember key knowledge and vocabulary.        

We know some children require visual support strategies. Classes are set up with access to Widget. This supports vocabulary mats with visual prompts. Children may require and receive visual timetables and now and next boards.   Teachers are able to adapt provision to meet the needs of children in the classroom. This is supported through advice from external professionals such as Surrey specialist teachers (STIPS), Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists (SALT), Occupational Therapists (OT).

The school also work with external support workers to support children's social and emotional mental health. We know that safe and happy children are more likely to achieve in school. We work with a school nurse, a mentor from Engage and a child counsellor.