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Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones (pupils)

Please complete the below online form, which should be completed in order for your child to bring their phone to school.

In addition, please read our school mobile phone policy, paying particular attention to section 4 (use of mobile phones by pupils) and section 6 (loss, theft or damage).

I agree to obey the following rules:

1. You may not use your mobile phone on the school site.

2. Phones must be switched off on arrival at the gate (not just put on ‘silent’).

3. Phones must be handed to the class teacher on arrival into the classroom.

4. You cannot take photos or recordings (either video or audio) whilst on school premises.

5. Avoid sharing your contact details with people you don’t know, and don’t share other people’s contact details without their consent.

6. Don’t share your phone’s passwords or access codes with anyone else.

7. Don’t use your mobile phone to bully, intimidate or harass anyone. This includes bullying, harassing or intimidating pupils or staff via:
a. Email
b. Text/messaging app
c. Social media

8. Don’t use your phone to send or receive anything that may be criminal.

9. Rules on bullying, harassment, and intimidation apply to how you use your mobile phone even when you aren’t in school.

10. Don’t use vulgar, obscene or derogatory language while on the phone or when using social media. This language is not permitted under the school’s behaviour policy.

11. Don’t use your phone to view or share inappropriate photographs or other harmful content.

12. You must comply with a request by a member of staff to switch off, or hand over, a phone. Refusal to comply is a breach of the school’s behaviour policy and will be dealt with accordingly.

13. Smart watches are not permitted at school.

The above pupil has read and understand the school's mobile phone policy.
The above pupil understands and agrees to the above rules for use of mobile phones and smart watches
I, the parent/guardian, have read and agree to the school mobile phone policy. I agree that my child may bring their phone to school.