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School Closure Daily Learning

Summer Term: Titanic week 5

Well done everyone who participated in the Sports Week challenge. For the last two weeks of term, we will return to our Titanic topic.

Guided Reading
: 5 short daily reading tasks based on extracts from the book 'I survived the Titanic, 1912' by Lauren Tarshie. (Download the activity below)

Maths: Go here and work through the daily activities each day:

Spelling & Handwriting: 10 new spellings to practice each week, Also, practice your handwriting by copying them out. (Download the spellings below)

TOPIC TASKS: The Titanic
The rest of the week's work will be looking at the lifeboats and who survived

Research: Each week, you will need to research a different aspect of the Titanic story:
Week 4 The Lifeboats: Internet Research 
Research the lifeboats – how many did the Titanic have? Who got to go in the lifeboats? How full where they when they were launched? Which classes managed to get on the lifeboats?

WritingWrite a short story with a setting
Write a story from a passenger’s point of view that included a flashback.
Start with the character in modern time remembering the Titanic – then flashback to describe the sinking and rescue.
Watch the daily videos for help.
Monday: Planning

Week 5 topic Write a balanced argument 
Lifeboat activity:
Look at the information about the passengers (download below) and decide who deserves to go in the lifeboat? For each one - give reasons why they should get in to the lifeboat and reasons why they should not. Try to make it balanced by having both reasons for and against the person going in the lifeboat. You could present it in a table. Write a conclusion choosing in your opinion, the 4 most important people to be saved.

week 5 Topic - Looking at data 
Look at the lifeboat data cards (below) about the numbers that were on each lifeboat and then fill in the table. Extra challenge: can you draw any graphs to show this information?

Week 5 Topic - Write a monologue 
Read through the instructions below.
You are on the lifeboat and the Titanic has sunk, write a monologue (you speaking out your thoughts) Try to include your thoughts on: - how you ended up in the lifeboat - the lifeboat now – what’s it like? - who’s with you? - what can you see / hear? - Include your feelings - think about the future