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Homework - Monday 4th January 2021

Homework will consist of the following

  • Reading their school library book 5x a week - This should be recorded in their  Home School Organiser and signed by an adult or carer
  • Practising their weekly spellings - These will be put in the Home School Organiser as a sticker on Monday. The spelling test will take place a week later.

The four activities below will need to be done by the following Monday

  • Complete an English task on Seesaw - approx ten minute task
  • Complete one task on - approx ten minute task
  • Practise reading and spelling skills on Lexia
  • Complete five minutes of Times Table Rockstars in the 'garage' section

We also now have access to a new website called Epic Reading. This is not officially homework but the children have used it at school and a lot of them are keen to use it home too. It is a fabulous resource with lots of books to read and listen to. Details for how to access are in the homwork document below.

Below is a Word document with these links attached.

There are also copies of letters that give more details about, and Times Table Rockstars. All login details are stuck inside the back cover of the Home School Organiser and your child has had experience of using all the apps required to complete their homework.

Please check your child's Seesaw account which will have more information about this week's homework.