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Horsell C of E Junior School

Horsell C of E Junior School

HorsellC of E Junior School

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Swanage Recount

By Jessica Wells

At around 7pm, we strolled out of the centre and walked to the very back of the fields. For a long time I had looked forward to coming to Swanage and it had gone so quickly. It was the last night and we were going to have a campfire. When we had arrived you could smell the smoke coming from the flames. A few minutes later we were all sat on the benches around the campfire.

Standing quietly, we did a repeat song with Zoey which got louder and louder and ended up with Tom bellowing as loud as he could. Shortly after Zoey had finished Tom did a banana song with actions. It was great fun and hilarious. Then Hannah did her song which was another repeat song. It was so funny that by the end we were all in fits of giggles.

After that, Tom, Hannah and Zoey did a magic trick about connections. Then we had the opportunity to perform to lots of people. We sang and did jokes and Maya did a really cool magic trick. At first I wasn't sure how she did the magic trick but by the end I knew. While Hannah was beside the campfire she told us that she had promised her group that she would do something and then she 'dabbed'. Kneeling in front of us, Zoey told a story about a young Viking boy and how he was frightened about walking through the woods in the dark and then he was brave and discovered it was fine.