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Home School Link Worker

At times family life can involve change and stress. These difficulties can have a negative impact on children. In an attempt to provide families with help and support during these times, Horsell Junior School have two Home School Link Workers. Details are below. 

Our Home School Link Workers is Mrs Spiller.  If you would like to contact her you can do so via the school office or her dedicated email address:

The HSLW’s role is to first of all listen, then to work alongside the child and family to consider a variety of positive ways to move forward. If needed, they can liaise with outside agencies on your behalf. An outside perspective can be a positive thing for both parents and children.

We want to encourage and foster communication between the school and the family, to ensure support and guidance is given. Here are a few examples of where the additional support of the HSLW would be beneficial.

  • Parents/carers experiencing difficulties with their child’s behaviour
  • Children who are withdrawn or anxious
  • Parental separation/bereavement
  • Difficulties impacting on family life, including illness, domestic violence, disability or financial difficulties
  • Parents/carers who would like help filling in forms such as special educational needs, housing, benefits etc.

This is not an extensive list as the HSLW’s role is flexible to meet the unique circumstances of each family unit. Please contact the school if you feel your child would benefit from the support of the HSLW, whether they are affected by any of the above or something else is worrying them or you. We are here to help.

As well as working with closely with Parents/Carers, we offer links and other sign posting to other outside means of support. These include a range of professionals like the Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, School Nurse and Doctors. Please see below for examples of agencies we consult with.


Outside Agencies:

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

This is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. They are the NHS service that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

Parent Partnership

This service aims to ensure that Parents/Carers are able to play an informed part in any decisions about the educational provision made to meet their child’s special educational needs and to build partnerships between Parents/Carers, the LEA and schools.

NHS – Children and Young People’s Services

This team can carry out a needs assessment to determine whether your child needs more specialised support. They work with the parent/carer to find the best help available.