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'Weekly Welcome'

It has been our policy for a number of years to invite parents to come in after school  to look at their children's work.  We know that both parents and children enjoy the opportunity to share the children's learning in a relaxed environment.

Following a review of 'Weekly Welcome' (formerly known as Family Friday), we have made the decision to hold these sessions for years 3 and 5 on a Thursday.  The sessions for years 4 and 6 will be held on a Friday.  One reason for the change is that a number of classrooms are used by clubs on a Friday (some involving children changing for sport), which means it is difficult for parents and children to share the work in a relaxed atmosphere in those rooms.  In addition, we felt that, by splitting the sessions over two days, parents with children in different year groups may find it easier to spend time with both (or all) children.  The time of the sessions remains unchanged; between 3.10 pm and 3.30 pm.

There will, of course, be flexibility, for instance, if a parent has arranged time off work to accommodate 'Weekly Welcome' and their child is in year 3 or 6, they will still be able to come on a Friday.  However, they may need to take their child's work to another classroom, or the library to share it.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy coming in to your child' classroom to celebrate their achievements with them and we look forward to welcoming you into school.